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Online Group Coaching

Parents participating in parent coaching sessions via teletherapy to learn how to best support their child with social challenges

Parent Talk Time

Parenting neurodiverse kids brings infinite reward but can also leave parents feeling overwhelmed and isolated.   Parent Talk Time is a community for parents who want to share ideas, ask questions, and explore parenting and self care strategies through collaboration and coaching from an experienced and qualified professional ADHD and Relationship coach Conversations cover a wide range of topics related to raising neurodiverse kids, whether you have just become aware of your child's strengths and challenges, or have been navigating your child's neurodiversity for years.  

Stay connected and motivated in this parent coaching community with Beckham and other passionate parents to find powerful support, strategies, and inspiration.


The Parent Talk Time coaching group meets weekly for 90 minutes to discuss topics of interest, brainstorm ideas, share strategies, and support each others forward momentum, all at a budget-friendly price. 

An eight-session commitment is required. When you join this group, you'll be purchasing eight weekly sessions. This allows your group to stay consistent and helps provide that priceless collaboration between members.

Group memberships automatically renew after eight sessions unless you cancel. You may cancel at any time but you will not be refunded any "leftover" sessions. Please contact Beckham one week before your membership renews to cancel. 

No refunds are provided for missed sessions. All group sessions will be recorded for you to review and available to all group members. 

Spaces are limited. Group membership is kept to a maximum of 8 parents. 

Beckham offers a free consultation to answer any questions and help you determine if the group fits your needs. Click HERE to schedule an appointment to talk to Beckham


When: Wednesdays, 11:30-1:00 ET 

Rate: $458 for 8 sessions

Subscription: renews every 2 months

**This group meets WEEKLY

2 spots remaining

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Online Group Coaching for Young Adults

Relationship Coaching will help you define your strengths, communicate more effectively, and strengthen the relationships with 'your people'.  Whether you are seeking support for a specific relationship or are motivated to find a romantic partner, relationship coaching will change how you show up in all relationships ~ with family, friends, neighbors, romantic and/or parenting partners, work colleagues, and others.

Additionally, parents of children with special needs are under extraordinary stress that often takes a toll on the parenting-partner relationship. Medical, financial, educational, and other stressors empty a parent's 'emotional bank account,' leaving the relationship 'overdrawn'. Relationship coaching supports parents who want to revive and thrive in their relationship with each other and with their children so that the whole family can grow stronger together.

If you are seeking a deeper understanding of who you are, what you want, and how to get what you want in your relationships and beyond, Relationship coaching is for you!

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