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Coaching for Social Skills, Executive Function Skills, & Relationships

An Experienced Coach Guiding You to Live Your Best Life

A couple with improved relationship skills because of participating in relationship coaching
Adult participating in parent coaching sessions to learn strategies to help his child with social interaction and friendships
Adult with improved social skills in the workplace because of participating in social skills coaching sessions

Welcome to Heartland Social Learning Center

Supporting teens and adults in their quest for improving social communication, personal problem solving, and relationship skills for living their best life.

It's never too late to improve Social Communication!  
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Strengths-Based Coaching to Help You Live Your Best Life

Through personalized coaching, you will build upon your current skills to develop and expand your social communication, self-management, and relationship skills.

 Social Communication Coaching

The social world is full of hidden rules and expectations that can be very frustrating for people with social learning challenges to figure out. Social Coaching helps you gain a deeper understanding of how the social world works, so you can participate more fully within all aspects of

your life.

Executive Function/ADHD Coaching

It is never too late to grow and strengthen your ability to manage yourself and your resources to reach your goals at home, at work, and at play.   Executive Function Coaching can help you discover strategies for becoming more ​organized,​ emotionally regulated, self-disciplined, and  independent as possible, so you can live the life you really want.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching supports individuals and couples as they explore what they want in a romantic relationship/partnership. We will work together to identify and establish goals and strategies for finding the love of your life or strengthening your current partnership so you can live better, stronger and happier with the person you love.

Parent Coaching

Parents often find themselves worried and wondering about the progress or lack of progress their child is making in school or at home. Parent Coaching creates a space for parents to ask questions and get answers from an experienced and qualified professional, and learn strategies related to key social skills so parents can confidently support their children through life.

Beckham Linton, M.A., CCC-SLP, experienced coach specializing in social skills, executive functioning skills, relationships, and parent education in Kansas City, MO

Meet Your Coach

Beckham Linton, M.A., CCC-SLP

Beckham Linton is an experienced coach specializing in the areas of social and executive functioning skills, relationships, and parent education. Beckham's strengths-based approach to coaching helps her clients recognize their gifts and build upon their current skill set as opposed to "fixing something that is wrong."   She is an equal partner in the coaching relationship and sees her clients as whole human beings who are capable of moving forward more confidently toward their personal goals.   


Beckham is also a speaker and trainer in the areas of social communication and executive function skills, offering in-services, trainings, presentations, and consultations in the Kansas City area and across the country. Click here to inquire.

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The Coaching Process

Using proven tools and techniques, coaching sessions are tailored to build upon your strengths and guide you in achieving your goals.

Questions?  Contact Beckham, and she will answer any questions you have. 

We offer two appointment options - online via Zoom or in our Kansas City office, conveniently located in downtown Brookside. Online coaching is available for clients nationwide.


Discovery Call

 We will begin with an initial consultation call via phone or zoom to exchange information about each other, discuss your general goals, and determine next steps.


Get Ready.... 
Informal Dynamic Assessment

 Together we will gain clarity  around your strengths, relative challenges and vision of what you want, how to get there and what might be getting in the way of living the life you want, personally, socially, academically, professionally and beyond.


Get Set...
Action Planning

Using your identified strengths, strategies and vision as a guide, we will create a personalized roadmap for helping you reach your social-emotional, and executive functioning destinations.


Coaching Begins...

Each session begins with a review of the client's long term vision and goals for the session. The client chooses a topic based on their established vision, and coaching begins by acknowledging, challenging and expanding perspectives to move the client forward.

Adult participating in executive functioning coaching via teletherapy
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