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Social Cognition, Language, & Executive Function Coaching for Teens & Adults

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Supporting teens and adults in their quest for improving social communication, personal problem solving, and relationship skills for living their best life.

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Our Coaching Services

 Social Communication Assessments

An initial coaching assessment is required prior to starting both individual and group coaching sessions.  The 2-hour assessment includes client and parent interviews (when appropriate), observations, dynamic assessment, and standardized testing measures when necessary. Upon completion of the assessment, recommendations will be provided along with a proposed coaching plan based on client needs and goals.

*Written reports will be provided upon request only at an additional fee.*

Coaching Packages

Coaching Packages:

Individual coaching is an equal partnership between client and coach and is provided in the office, in the community or online based on the client's preference and needs.  The client's personalized social communication and executive function goals are established and monitored as the client moves toward expanding their awareness and understanding of how the social world works and how to work more effectively within the social world.

New clients are asked to commit to a minimum of 6 initial sessions within the first 3 months of coaching in order to establish trust and to gain momentum toward the clients goals.

Coaching sessions generally last 50 minutes and include 'parent talk time' during the last 10 minutes to review targeted concepts when appropriate.

 Group Coaching

Group therapy is designed for peers with compatible skill sets and similar needs to learn and practice social communication concepts and skills in a safe, collaborative environment. As a team, we address social cognition, self awareness, social language and much more.

Executive Function/ADHD Coaching

Coaching is designed to help teens, college students, and adults address challenges in managing the day-to-day and identify and implement proven strategies for success. Coaching is available in-person or via video conferencing.

Parent Coaching

Empowering the most important people in our client's lives ensures continued support and success outside of structured therapy. Parents are given the skills to confidently support and enrich skills at home and school.

Consultations & Speaking Engagements

Beckham Linton, M.A., CCC-SLP is an experienced speaker and trainer in the areas of social communication and executive function skills. She offers in-services, trainings, presentations, and consultations in the Kansas City area and across the country.

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