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Executive Function Skills Coaching

What skills does Executive Function / Social Coaching help with?

  • Organization

  • Self Regulation

  • Time Management

  • Planning & Execution

  • Goal-Directed Persistence

  • Task Analysis, Initiation & Completion

  • Attention, Focus, Memory

  • Behavior & Emotional Regulation

  • Verbal & Nonverbal Communication

  • Social & Professional Interactions

Who benefits from Executive Function and Social coaching?

  • Middle and high school students who need to learn strategies and habits that will last them a lifetime

  • College students overwhelmed by the demands of post-secondary education 

  • Professionals who want to improve their performance and/or social communication skills at work.

  • Anyone who wants to become a more effective social communicator and/or personal problem solver

What results can I expect from Executive Function and Social coaching?

Together we will discover strengths you may not have known you had, determine your personal goals, and create specific action plans for accomplishing your goals and maximizing your full potential. 


You will learn how to use specific tools and strategies and will have many opportunities to practice using them.  Regular check-ins allow us to identify what is working and what can be done differently to ensure success.

What is the coaching process?

Coaching is an ongoing collaborative partnership between a coach and an individual that helps you identify and use your strengths to accomplish your personal goals.   

It helps to come prepared with specific questions, challenges and/or situations in your life that will drive the conversation. 

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