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Coaching Services

Coaching services at Heartland Social Learning support individuals whose social emotional learning differences present challenges for them in the following areas :

Socially-based Executive Functioning skills related to...
Self and Situational Awareness
Perspective Taking
Social Communication
Emotional Regulation and
Personal Problem Solving


The Social Thinking® methodology, pioneered by speech-language pathologist Michelle G. Winner, is used as a central resource for coaching and/or teaching clients to think about their own thinking, as well as the thoughts of others during play, school, work, and home activities, so they can apply related social skills effectively within the exact moments of interaction.  

Our Sevices

Individual Coaching



Individual coaching is an equal partnership between client and coach and is provided in office or online with Beckham Linton, M.A., CCC-SLP, a certified ADHD and Relationship coach.   The client's personalized social communication and executive function goals are established and monitored as the client moves toward expanding his/her awareness and understanding of how the social world works and how to work more effectively within it.


 New clients are asked to commit to a minimum of 8 initial sessions within the first 3 months of coaching for the purpose of establishing trust with the coach and to gain momentum toward goals. 


Sessions last 50 minutes and frequency is determined based on individual need.    Parents/significant others are always invited to attend individual sessions although keep in mind: attending only the first 10-15 minutes of the session is customary for this age.

Group Coaching



Social coaching groups provide participants the opportunity to work on social communication skills with peers in a safe, collaborative, and small group social setting.  Participants work on new skills by breaking down complex social concepts into smaller parts that can be more easily understood and applied in any setting.

Group participants are carefully selected based on the level of social mind and needs, and  new clients may join a group at any time (if available).

Group lessons are planned ahead of time, but may be changed based upon the needs of the participants on any given day.   

Verbal summaries of each coaching session are provided and written summaries are available upon request only at an additional fee.

If you have questions or want more detailed information about a coaching session or your students progress, feel free to contact your coach directly.


Includes cursory written summary 

An initial assessment is required prior to starting both individual and group coaching sessions.  Assessments typically last up to 2 hours and include client and parent interviews (when appropriate), observations, dynamic assessment, and standardized testing measures when necessary.   Upon completion of the assessment, recommendations will be provided along with a proposed coaching plan based on client goals.

*Written reports will be provided only upon request at an additional fee.*

Parent & Caregiver Coaching

Parents often find themselves worried and wondering about the progress or lack of progress their child is making in school or at home.  Parents benefit from the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from an experienced and qualified professional, and coaching is designed to share information related to key social concepts and related skills so parents can confidently support their child's skills at home and in the community.


Parent coaching is also an excellent option when a child is not ready for direct therapy. Coaching helps parents and caregivers become more knowledgable and confident role models as they identify opportunities to support their child's social communication/skills practice within daily routines and spontaneous play.

Parent Coaching


It is the philosophy of Heartland Social Learning Center LLC (HSLCLLC) that the highest quality of services and confidentiality be maintained, despite current trends in managed care to place restrictions on reimbursement for speech-language therapy and coaching services.  Therefore, HSLCLLC does not bill insurance companies directly nor does it act as a participating provider for any insurance plans.  There is no guarantee your insurance company will reimburse any or all expenses for direct services.  Some insurance companies will work with their members regarding these services.  You will be provided a statement of services suitable for submission to your insurance company should you choose to request reimbursement.  Please remember that reimbursement is a matter between you and your insurance company, so it would be in your best interest to always check with your insurance provider directly for questions concerning coverage. 

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